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UGC - Terms and Conditions

Thank you for allowing us to share your photo or video!

Our guests give a unique perspective of our hotels and are the living proof of the quality of NAU Hotels & Resorts. We regularly reach out to customers to request additional rights to reproduce images on our website, social media sites and more. You are reading this because NAU Hotels & Resorts has requested your permission to use your social media content in this way.

If you choose to allow us to use your social media content ("User Content") by replying with the hashtag #GoNAUHotels, you agree to these Terms of Use.

By responding to our request with the hashtag #GoNAUHotels, you agree to the following:

User Content

As between you and us, you retain any copyright or other intellectual property rights that you may have in the Content that you post or share using the Site (referred to as "User Content"), such as posting or sharing comments, photos, and videos. 

By agreeing on sharing, submitting or uploading your story, comment, photo or video of you, your family, and your minor children ("Your Content") on our wall or page, or on your own wall or page, you are authorising NAU Hotels & Resorts (NAU) to use, publish, and otherwise reproduce, modify and distribute Your Content with or without your name in connection with the Site and for other marketing purposes, including without limitation email, website, social media sites and other customer communications. We may display advertisements in connection with your User Content or on pages where your User Content may be viewed by you or others, and we may use your User Content to advertise and promote NAU brands or the Site.

These uses may include, but are not limited to, information, education, promotion or advertising of NAU or its products via the Internet, websites, mobile apps and social media. Please do not upload or post any photos or videos other than your own unless you have the owner's permission. If individuals other than you appear in the photo or video, you must have permission to use the photo or video from the individuals (or their parent's or legal guardian's permission if a minor). 

Our licence to your User Content is non-exclusive, meaning you may use the User Content for your own purposes or let others use your User Content for their purposes.

Our licence to your User Content is fully-paid and royalty free, meaning we do not owe you anything else in connection with our use of your User Content. We may exercise our rights anywhere in the world. Finally, our licence is perpetual, meaning that our licence lasts for an indefinite period of time.

You promise that:

  • You own all rights to your User Content.
  • You are not a minor.
  • Your User Content does not infringe the intellectual property rights, privacy rights, publicity rights or other legal rights of any third party.

Please see more information about how we process your data in

We also reserve you the right to request the withdrawal of your consent or exercise your right to be forgotten. You may correct, update, delete or deactivate your information from our records removal from information, education, promotion or advertising of NAU or its products via the Internet, websites, mobile apps, and social media.

If you withdraw your consent to use the Content in the terms set out above, NAU will cease to process your personal data within a reasonable period and no later than 30 days after the date the consent was withdrawn.
Please note that the withdrawal of consent does not compromise the legality of the processing based on such consent and made before the withdrawal.

Please note that we shall keep personal data that we were able to collect until your withdrawal of consent is made effective. The personal data thus collected will be kept for the entire duration of the retention period indicated above.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at