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A View of a Pool From a Balcony at Nau Hotels & Resorts, Portugal

NAU Hotels & Resorts Is Committed to Sustainable Tourism in Portugal

The NAU Hotels & Resorts Group is proud to feature a focus on sustainability at the core of all its properties in Portugal. With a profound awareness of our natural surroundings in Lisbon and Algarve, each of our hotels and resorts operates with a mission to minimise their environmental impact.
Waste Management in Portugal

Waste Management

Ensure the sustainable management of waste by providing training to employees on waste management and reducing the amount of waste produced. 

  • Eliminate chemical product packaging, replacing it with automatic dosing systems 
  • Prioritise the purchase of larger volume packaging wherever possible 
  • Replacement of plastic with biodegradable materials  

Increase the amount of waste that can be recycled including plastic, metal, paper, cardboard, organic kitchen waste, organic agro-forestry waste, used soap, cork stoppers, coffee capsules, used cooking oil, light bulbs, electrical and electronic equipment, batteries, construction, and demolition waste.  

Appropriate disposal of all non-recyclable waste (unsorted waste and rubbish) using licensed operators.   

Water Resources in Portugal

Water Resources

Ensure the proper management of water resources as follows:  

  • Use water resources with the least possible environmental impact, such as reusing wastewater and capturing rainwater for golf course irrigation  
  • Manage irrigation needs based on on-site weather stations, watering only as required according to the recorded rainfall and humidity  
  • Record, analyse, and control consumption  
  • Raise awareness among customers of the environmental benefits of reducing consumption  
  • Show staff how to act in the event of water losses or abnormal consumption  
  • Install systems that will reduce water consumption. These will include sensors and flow reducers on taps, drip irrigation, or the use of sprinklers  
Energy Resources in Portugal

Energy Resources

Ensure the proper management of energy resources by taking the following steps:

  • Conducting energy audits  
  • Using renewable energy sources  
  • Recording, analysing, and controlling consumption 
  • Raising awareness among customers of the environmental benefits of reducing consumption  
  • Educating in the event of abnormal energy consumption being detected 
  • Installing systems that will help reduce consumption. This will include installing motion sensor lights, HVAC stop sensors with open windows, LED bulbs, consumer units in accommodation units, movement detection sensors, and LED televisions 
  • Making electric car charging stations available for customer at all units   
Recycling for Cork Oak Plantation in Portugal

Recycling for Cork Oak Plantation

Contribute towards planting native and productive forest species by sending cork stoppers to recycling, with the proceeds going towards the planting of cork oaks as part of the Common Forest Programme.