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José Correia Director of PT Tour
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PT Tour praises the quality of the golf courses at Morgado do Reguengo

22 Feb, 2024
During the month of January and early February, the professional golf circuit PT Tour organized a total of five events at the golf courses of Morgado do Reguengo, located in Portimão. These competitions brought together a diverse range of professional golfers who sought the excellent practice conditions and mild climate, compared to the rest of Europe, that are typically experienced in the Algarve. From players starting their careers to seasoned participants in major European tours, they all share the choice of Morgado and Álamos to kick off the 2024 sports season.

Jose Correia, Tour Director of PT Tour and a well-known name in national golf, shared his impressions on this series of tournaments and the conditions presented by the golf courses.

What assessment do you make of the five tournaments held?
"The assessment of these five tournaments is extremely positive; this evaluation is made by PT Tour, primarily based on player feedback. We had an average of 70 participants per tournament. The Morgado and Alamos courses were in excellent maintenance condition, and when that happens, our work as organizers becomes very productive."

What are the characteristics of Morgado do Reguengo's courses that stand out the most?
The quality of the participants is very high, and as such, it is important that the characteristics of the golf courses where we hold the tournaments offer an interesting challenge. Morgado is a long and thus demanding course from the tee, both in distance and direction. The fairway bunkers are well-placed, and the roughs are demanding, requiring players to give their best. Álamos, on the other hand, is a much more technical course, appealing to common sense, strategy, and, above all, precise green reading. Álamos greens are very undulating, requiring extra attention on each putt.

Were the practice conditions praised? Do you consider them of quality and suitable for training?
Players at this level dedicate many hours to technical training, so it's important to offer suitable conditions for this training, and here, once again, Morgado plays an important role. The training ground dimensions are generous, with targets replicating the game's field sensation, a putting green where the speed matches the field greens, a large short game area with bunkers and different grass cutting heights, providing players with training for various situations encountered in a regular competition round.

What attributes and qualities of the courses did the players most value?
When we talk about Morgado's courses, the quality of the greens comes out on top, undoubtedly among the best in Portugal. Our players' comments are always very positive, and for PT Tour, it's a source of pride to have Morgado as our partner. Morgado's courses are of recognized quality, and it's essential to remember that it hosted three editions of the Open de Portugal. For PT Tour's event calendar, organizing tournaments on these courses is a tremendous asset.

All of this happens because there is a dedicated and professional maintenance team, led by the experience and in-depth knowledge of Morgado's capabilities and needs. Director Jorge Papa plays an essential role in maintaining, managing, and providing service to those who visit Morgado.

I take this opportunity to express, on behalf of PT Tour, our gratitude for how we were received at Morgado. We are confident that this partnership will continue for the good of golf in general."