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The Vagina Monologues

August 12, 2023 - August 12, 2023 August 12, 2023
10:00 PM - 12:00 AM
The Vagina Monologues The Vagina Monologues

    About this event

    Auditório Algarve do Palácio de Congressos do Algarve hosts the "The Vagina Monologues".
    The Vagina Monologues is a theatre show written by American author Eve Ensler. The production has already received several adaptations for other countries, and a television version featuring Ensler has already been produced by the HBO network.

    The Vagina Monologues is composed of several short texts/monologues. Each deals with the female experience, touching on subjects such as sex, prostitution, body image, love, rape, menstruation, female genital mutilation, masturbation, birth, orgasm, the various common names for the vagina or simply as a physical part of the female body. A recurring theme throughout the play is the vagina as a tool of female empowerment and the ultimate embodiment of individuality.